Proposed Rule-Making

Public Notice

The Arkansas Department of Labor and its affiliated boards periodically adopt, amend, or repeal administrative rules and regulations as authorized by law. The agency and its boards must follow the Administrative Procedures Act (APA) during the rule-making process. As a part of this process, the public is provided the opportunity to comment on any rule proposed, amended, or repealed. Public comment is both welcome and valuable. Information on how to provide comment or ask questions is provided in the "Notice" of proposed rule-making which can be found below for any proposed rules.

You may access the Department of Labor's current rules HERE.


Amendments to the Rules of the Board of Electrical Examiners

Final Rule
Submitted Written Comment
Summary Public Comment and Agency Response
Financial Impact Statement

Proposed Amendments to the Rules of the Elevator Safety Board 

Notice of Proposed Rule Making
Summary of Proposed Rules
Proposed Rule as a Mark-up
Financial Impact Statement