Board Members

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Amusement Ride Advisory Board

  • Richard Davies
  • Johnny Miller
  • Kirby Taylor
  • Ralph Shoptaw
  • Glenn Priebe
  • Ricky Belk, Director of Labor

Boiler Advisory Board

  • Richard Mille'
  • Bill Adkins
  • Stephen Case
  • Carlos Nagel
  • Ricky Belk, Director of Labor, Ex Officio Chairman

Board of Electrical Examiners

  • Robert Unwer
  • Danny King
  • Charlotte Bradley
  • Todd Hopwood
  • Bill Hegeman
  • Benjamin Rusty Mullen
  • Bob Robinson
  • Corrie Wiley
  • Ricky Belk, Director of Labor

Elevator Safety Board

  • Ricky Belk, Director of Labor, Chairman
  • Dru English, representing building owners and lessees
  • Raymon Styers, representing elevator manufacturers
  • Bob Gram, representing the public at large
  • Marvin Vaughter, representing the elevator union

Prevailing Wage Advisory Committee

  • Anne Laidlaw, Director, Arkansas Building Authority
  • Dennis Donahou, Executive Secretary, Arkansas Regional Council of Carpenters
  • David Stephens, Jr., Assistant Business Manager, I.B.E.W., Local 295
  • James Ryan, Secretary-Treasurer, Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 155
  • Robert Garmoe, Business Manager, Ironworkers Local 321
  • James Alessi, Alessi-Keyes Construction
  • Judge Roy McNatt, County Judge, Miller County
  • Patrick Henry Hays, Mayor, City of North Little Rock
  • Ricky Belk, Director Arkansas Department of Labor, Ex Officio Chairman